Servicios Sergi Sanz Asesore gastronómico

How can I help you?

Development or projection of a new culinary project

Analysis and audit of the current gastronomic situation of the restaurant: I will prepare a starting analysis and propose the suitable solutions with the aspects that shall be optimized and set an action plan to tackle the urgent issues.

Starting from your needs, I will release a proposal that includes a gastronomic, costing and feasibility analysis.

Increase of productivity, staff management and schedules. Costs and non-production time reductions.

To comply with standards is crucial for the good progress of any kitchen. Therefore I will help to generate those standards through technical paperwork (recipes, food and beverage costings and the necessary checklists)

What do you think that is not working really well in your business? A better execution of the dishes, plating up and a correct choice of suppliers could be a first step to start.

Development of HACCP: the administration requires you to have an adapted and updated manual in the business. With this you will guarantee compliance with health and hygiene standards.

Training for different groups: adapted to the training needs, I bring my knowledge supported on my experience to inspirate a new chefs.

Do you want gastronomy to match into your event? I will bring haute cuisine to yours.