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Sergi Sanz, asesor gastronómico
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After 20 years of working in hospitality and always at the foot of operations, the gastronomy offered me a new opportunity. I’m not sure if I’m more interested in teaching or in continuing learning but I’ve always been struck by the fact of a consultancy service which I’ve learnt for 10 years as a consulted chef. Luckily I’ve had the opportunity of developing some projects as a consultant.

A look back through my career: I started in the cuisine quite late because I expent many years to obtain an engineering degree. After that I decided to move to a kitchen to learn how to be a chef. It was in Seville, at the Hacienda Benazuza Hotel. witch was managed by ElBulli. There, the chef Rafa Morales made me feel that there weren’t way back and I had it clearly. I grew quite fast from the kitchen bar to the gastronomic restaurant running a section as a chef de partie.

Back in Barcelona I was recruited by Drolma, restaurant at the Majestic Hotel and leaded by the chef Fermin Puig. There I learnt the basis of Catalan and French cuisine. I grew as well from chef de partie to senior positions as sous chef.

After some years I jumped to Madrid and in this case for the reopening of the Villa Magna Hotel, and as an executive sous chef headed by the chef Manuel Gutiérrez. There I managed different teams and selling points. It was a great project and I enjoyed to engage the different operations happening at the same time. Within this chapter I started creating my own dishes.

During a visit to Arzak´s restaurant in San Sebastian a new project grew: opening the first restaurant abroad Basque country. A few months later it came true in London, at the Halkin Hotel in Belgravia. The restaurant was called Ametsa and was owned by COMO hotels & resorts. I could express my cuisine in freedom for 5 years and we achieve a Michelin star.

Again back in Madrid, but in this case heading Ramsés project as executive chef. In this stage, the culinary engineering achived the highest level. Three restaurants and lots of events spaces were working simultaneously.

Then I decided to stop and think and realized that there were many things left to do.

My experience combined with my discipline and a technical approach gives me skills to face any work and make it successful as an engineering project.

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